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In our continuous effort to bring you the most current and impactful travel information, we’re shedding light on a significant development from Greece – a country that not only offers an enriching historical and cultural experience but also stunning landscapes and warm hospitality.

Recent legislative changes in Greece are transforming the way animals are treated, particularly in the tourism industry. This post aims to inform and prepare you for a responsible and enriching travel experience in Greece, with a special focus on how these changes affect our four-legged friends involved in tourism, especially horses.

The Heart of Change: Greece’s New Animal Protection Law

In an inspiring move towards creating a more humane and compassionate society, the Greek Parliament has approved a comprehensive animal protection law. This groundbreaking legislation aims to ensure that “no animal will be abandoned or abused.” It represents a significant shift in the national attitude towards animal welfare, setting a modern legal framework that other countries might well look to as a benchmark​​.

Key Provisions and Implications for Tourism

The legislation brings about stricter fines for animal abuse, including acts such as abandonment, shooting, intentional injury, and poisoning. It introduces a host of modern measures including:

  • A mandatory registration for pets and a digital health book detailing their medical history.
  • A ban on the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops and strict regulations on breeding and adoption processes.
  • Mandatory neutering of pets, with certain exemptions, to control the stray population and prevent abuse.

For the tourism industry, and particularly businesses involving animals such as horses used for riding or transport, these changes are profound. The law mandates responsible ownership, breeding, and care, directly influencing the operations of services that involve animals​​.

The Impact on Equine Tourism

Horses have long been a part of Greece’s tourist attractions, offering visitors unique experiences such as riding tours and carriage rides. The new legislation ensures that horses used in the tourism sector are afforded protection against abuse and neglect. Businesses operating within this domain will need to adhere strictly to the new welfare standards, ensuring their animals are healthy, well-cared for, and not overworked. This development not only promises a better life for these magnificent creatures but also offers tourists the peace of mind that comes with responsible travel choices​​.

What This Means for You, Our Travelers

As lovers of Greece and champions of ethical travel, it is crucial to support businesses that align with these new standards. By choosing services that prioritize animal welfare, you contribute to a culture of care and respect for all beings. This move towards responsible tourism not only enhances your travel experience but also supports Greece’s efforts in becoming a leader in animal rights.

Our Commitment to Ethical Travel

Our travel agency is deeply committed to ethical and responsible tourism. We continuously update our offerings to ensure they meet the highest standards of animal welfare, in line with Greece’s new laws. We encourage you to join us in this journey towards more conscious and respectful travel.


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